Australia Holidays

With jaw-dropping scenery and stunning modern cities, Australia has established itself as the once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination for so many people. This vast country has an incredibly diverse culture and its natural landscapes are guaranteed to take your breath away. From crystal clear seas and golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles to lush, tropical rainforests teeming with unique wildlife, to the wilds of the Outback and its iconic landmarks, Australia really does have it all. ayers-rockkoala

Take a trip to the Northern Territory and experience the ancient culture of Australia’s indigenous population. Here you will discover the raw beauty of the spectacular and mysterious Ayers Rock as well as cascading waterfalls and exotic wildlife at Kakadu National Park. Situated along the coast of Queensland, you can visit one of the seven wonders of the natural world in the shape of the Great Barrier Reef. Home to a diverse mass of tropical fish, whales, sharks and other wildlife, it provides some of the best snorkelling and diving experiences in the world. Venture to New South Wales and take in Australia’s most iconic city of Sydney. With a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere, this world class cosmopolitan city offers superb food and fantastic beaches and is, of course, where you can enjoy the beauty of the harbour with its incredible bridge alongside one of the most stunning architectural designs of the modern world – the Sydney Opera House. With so many ways to explore and enjoy this diverse country, why not speak to one of our expert consultants and begin planning your luxury holiday to Australia.