China Holidays

With its rich history and unique culture dating back thousands of years, China is a fascinating country to visit.

There are few places in the world where the range of landscapes, architecture and customs are so diverse. Majestic, futuristic buildings that underline the emergence of a new, powerhouse economy stand alongside breathtaking ancient structures that mark the splendour of a bygone age. China is truly an ideal destination for those with a passion for adventure.

It is such a vast country and one which is scattered with so many world famous landmarks, you will be hard pressed to run out of things to do!

Head to Beijing and take in the extravagance of the Forbidden City, China’s former imperial palace. Marvel at the detail and vast numbers of the Terracotta Warriors standing guard in Xi’an. Take a stroll along a section of the Great Wall. There’s over 5,500 miles to choose from! Enjoy a gentle cruise along a sedate river whilst taking in the glorious natural landscape.

Not sure where to start?

With so much to see and do it can be overwhelming planning a trip to a country as huge and as diverse as China. Do you visit the historic city of Beijing for its ancient temples and tranquil gardens or take in a futuristic metropolis such as Shanghai or Hong Kong with their impressive skyscrapers and vibrant culture?

Talk to one of our travel consultants and we can help you create a tailor-made luxury China holiday that is perfect for you and which gives you the opportunity to see and do all the amazing things that matter to you.