Maldives Holidays

With over 1,000 stunningly beautiful coral islands floating in the warm blue seas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is everything that an idyllic beach holiday should be.

Characterized by pristine, white sands, swaying palm trees and startlingly clear waters that give you a perfect view of some truly mesmerising marine life, these islands of paradise are widely considered to be the most relaxing holiday destination in the world.

As an extremely popular honeymoon destination, the Maldives has such a feeling of luxury and exclusivity that you will feel like you are holidaying on your very own private island. Even the journey is an amazing experience as you are whisked from the airport by seaplane or speed boat, before being escorted to first class accommodation. Here, you will delight in the blissful luxury that is afforded to you, often in the shape of a beautiful water villa which sits on wooden stilts over the water and is synonymous with many Maldivian resorts.

Many people who choose a luxury holiday to the Maldives do so for a relaxing and indulgent experience and this is served up in abundance with the most incredible massages and spa treatments, along with fantastic restaurants offering gourmet dining.

Whilst the islands are famed for providing the ultimate in relaxation, that’s not to say more energetic activities cannot be enjoyed. Naturally, with the crystal clear waters and stunning coral reefs, snorkelling and scuba diving are popular ways to spend your time.

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